Trophy Types According To Materials They Are Made From

A trophy is a symbol of achievement in something. It is virtually given at any nature of contest and contestants work very hard and give their all in order to win that one prize. Receiving one gives a sense of accomplishment and enhances competitive drive. As trophies are given on any competition imaginable, it will be a fun to actually know the various types of trophies in existence.

Trophy Types According To Materials

1. Brass trophies – Brass trophies rest on a stand or base. The base is where you will usually find the text that describes the contest – like what, when, and where and, what was held and who awarded the it. Brass can only be in the shape of circles.

2. Glass trophies – Trophies made of glass is contained within a beveled glass which gives it a more distinguished look.  The trophies are mounted on a wooden stand is inside a thick glass which serves as a shield against dust or dirt or any external element that might tarnish the it.

3. Figure trophies – Figure trophies are shaped according to the wishes of the customer. Nowadays, the forms can range from persons to objects, to animals, and even non-existent models that are pigments of imagination. This type costs a bit more because it is will take more time to create.

4. Plexiglass trophies – this type is a bit more flexible in material than brass. This means that it can be bent into different shapes such as curves, hexagons, ovals, obelisks, pentagons, trapezoids, and squares.

Ways To Design Your Trophy

You can choose various ways to design trophies which includes sandblasting, engraving, or mounting a plaque or medal in it. You just have to make sure that you are ordering from a reliable trophy maker in order to get quality products. Choose a maker that will give warranties on the trophies and who has staffs that is skilled in producing trophies. This way, you will be able to give out trophies that will last a lifetime.

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