Thumb Drive

Promotional Product Idea: Cool Thumb Drive Giveaways

Promotional items from companies are usually inexpensive everyday items meant to create presence more than to be useful. While people today can’t seem to live without ballpoint pens, notepads, and key chains, they can certainly do a lot more with slightly expensive products like flash drives. And in today’s world where even primary school students have computers classes, everyone can benefit from having thumb drive.

And a lot of businesses realize that. In order for their promotional giveaway items to work, people should need them first. Of course, common promotional products are still useful, but consumers need a lot more from free products sometimes. They need something to use everyday to store their photos, music, and other files for later uploading to their personal computers and to social networks. That is what lots of people need today, and which is why they will find flash drives very handy.

Advantages Of Using A Thumb Drive As An Ad Tool

Flash drives are not uncommon as promotional items, but not every company give them away because they are a little on the expensive side compared to common promotional items. Also, their size only allows very small space for brand name and logo printing. However, there are a lot of advantages in using these little tech tools for companies.

There are more than just novelty items. Unlike trendy toys, they are actually useful and very functional. People would want to own them and carry them anywhere they go in case they have a need for file storage. And even if some see them as temporary gadgets that will become obsolete as soon as a newer technology arrives, the fact is that people need them now and they are made to last for a long time. People can use them for years and carry the company’s name and logo at the same time.

As for the logo printing space issue, there are several ways to make it work. Companies can opt for a stylish design that grabs attention and reflect their business to serve as reminder of the brand for the users. They can also choose functional designs that make it easier for people to carry and display them around. A thumb drive necklace is both stylish and functional. People who see it will want to examine it. And in doing so, they will see the company’s name and logo printed or engraved.

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