T-shirts Printing

T-shirts Printing, An Advertising Option Chosen By Many

Currently, promotional items like t-shirts, mugs, and bags are selling like hotcakes ever since business owners found them as convenient options to advertise without spending too much. But proper care and extreme responsibility should be practiced especially during the design planning phase wherein the logo, catch-phrase, and other micro-details are being pieced together because there are instances wherein the impact can sometimes get out of hand.

The Process Of T-Shirts Printing

Today, there are two techniques of t-shirts printing which are now being used in the world of corporate gifts, screen and inkjet printing.
In screen printing, the basic tools used are the water-based inks or known as Plastisol and the mesh screen. The process being utilized before only involved the primary colors including blue, red, and green. But ever since it was commercialized, printing companies can already produce with vivid and more detailed patterns. There are two forms of screen printing depending on the color of the shirt which is going to be used; process printing is for light colored shirts, and simulated printing is best for dark colored shirts.
Inkjet printing on the other hand makes use of an inkjet printer which has been designed to directly print photos to the desired item of choice. This type of printing technology has been found to be efficient, economical and time-saving through the aid of a specialized computer program. During the process, the reproducing company just needs to set the specifications for the printing job and the printer will just follow the commands.

T-Shirts Printing: How The Patterns Become Influential

Together with these techniques are the responsibilities that go with each logo or slogan being printed. It is important that companies who want to give out the promotional items to carefully study each specimen that they submit to become a part of the printout, because one wrong move or any obscenity that goes with the t-shirts particularly, will either result in a positive or negative commotion which is bound to directly affect the company involved.

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