T-Shirt Printing

Online T-Shirt Printing Now Easy As The ABC’s

Customized t-shirt printing has two essentials. First, decide what type of image you will design; and, last, determine the method you prefer with the finished product. In the first instance, you need to have a clear picture of whether your design will be lightweight or heavyweight; ethical or organic; masculine, feminine, or unisex; and, whether it will be monochrome or multi-colored. In the last instance, the type of colors need to be determined, whether vibrant, gradient, needing heat, or a mixture of sorts.

T-Shirt Printing Options – Screen Printing, Digital Printing, And Heat Transfer

There are only three general types of t-shirt printing. The most popular and oldest type is the screen printing or silkscreen printing. In this method a screen is used as filter. This filter is also known as the silkscreen. It is used as a stencil to directly apply ink into the fabric of the t-shirt. The stencil is used as the negative of the image. The t-shirt’s fabric absorbs the ink blending it with the design. The finished product appears as if the design and the t-shirt are a single entity!

The second type is the direct to garment printing. In modern times, it has come to be known as digital printing. Ink jet printing was the forerunner of digital printing. Like paper being printed on by an inkjet printer, the shirt’s fabric is also printed on directly by a special printer to create the intended image. This accommodates more color variations and has a faster turnaround time, but is more expensive. This is recommended for low volume orders.

The final type is the heat transfer method or the iron-on. This method applies heat and pressure to transfer the ink of the image from a carrier paper to the corresponding fabric of the t-shirt. Ironing is the usual heat transfer method utilized. Of all the methods, this one is said to last the least; but modern technology has largely improved its mechanisms and it has greatly improved for the last five years!

Innovate, Propagate!

T-shirt printing is an innovative business. When you innovate, you propagate!

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