T Shirt Printing Companies

Tips On Successfully Dealing With T Shirt Printing Companies

T Shirt Printing Companies are usually reliable suppliers of custom shirts used for promotional purposes like corporate gifts during the holiday season. But like all business relationships, their customers are well-advised to perform their roles and responsibilities to hold up their end of the bargain. Doing so will make the business relationship stronger in so many ways.

If you are a customer of the best among T shirt printing companies in Singapore, you can maintain a successful business relationship with said suppliers.

Enjoy Discounts From T Shirt Printing Companies

Discounts from wholesale purchases of corporate giveaways like custom shirts represent monetary savings for your business so it makes sense to ask for these cost reductions from your suppliers. You have several advantages on your side when asking for discounts.

First, wholesale purchases usually have built-in discounts, so to speak, by as much as 20% over the retail prices. This is because the T shirt printing companies are aiming for higher volumes at lower prices for wholesale transactions, which will still translate to similar profits as retail sales. The latter operates on the principle of lower volumes at higher prices.

You can ask for additional discounts from the suppliers on top of the built-in discounts. Keep in mind that the discounts need not be on the price of the items per se but on other cost items like shipping and handling fees, rebates on early payments, and even free items. All of these represent cost reductions so grab these opportunities.

Enjoy Improved Services From T Shirt Printing Companies

When the products and services of your chosen printing companies appear to slack off, you must not take it sitting down. Acting on the issues, concerns, and complaints as soon as possible means that these will not worsen due to negligence on your part in calling the suppliers’ attention. You will then be able to enjoy not only better services but also stronger business relationships with the T shirt printing companies.

Talk to the concerned staff members of the supplier first. If this fails to generate the desired action, take the matter to the supervisors via a polite, professional and effective business letter.

In the end, your business relationship with the T shirt printing companies will depend on how well you hold up your end of the bargain. Act on it now!

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