T-Shirt Printing

Choosing The Right T-Shirt Printing Services

Companies now have the full spectrum of modern technology to back them up in their corporate projects. These include the production of corporate materials for gift-giving during anniversaries, important company projects or groundbreaking activities, as well as company transitions.

One of the most preferred corporate merchandise is the t-shirt, and it is not at all difficult to figure out why. T-shirts are very useful, whether as a complement to one’s wardrobe or as an official attire to company functions. Regardless of each person’s individual fashion sense, t-shirts are classic pieces that go well with the right accessories and may be customised to be a little bit more formal or laidback depending on one’s preference and purpose.

Things To Consider In T-Shirt Printing Shops

Companies who intend to have t-shirts printed for events will do well to remember the following basic considerations.

First of all, know your t-shirt needs. This includes a whole gamut of summarising employee statistics, such as size and preferred t-shirt color (if possible). Evaluate your options based on employees’ general preference when it comes to style and color (when it has to be just a single color for the whole group).

The make up of a t-shirt are the following: material used (cotton, dri-fit, honeycomb); the style (singlet, round-neck, polo, long sleeves, V-neck, etcetera); and the method of printing (silkscreen and embroidery).

It is best to request for actual samples of styles you are interested in and, since you are going to purchase in bulk in the first place, request for pieces to try out for comfort and fit. When you get hold of the samples, examine the quality of prints and know whether the design you want to include is going to come out well under a company’s available printing modes.

Making T-Shirt Printing Speak For Your Brand

Be very meticulous in designing company t-shirts. Remember that everything from the logo to the style of the shirt will represent you and your company, and will most probably be seen by many people not only during the company event for which these shirts were made. Wherever your employees will go while wearing this company shirt, they will be bearing the brand name and creating impressions with it. While this is a great and effective marketing tool which taps on the unconscious effort of humans to retain information seen only for split seconds, take care not to send the wrong message each time. Otherwise, the purpose of forging a better identity using them is defeated entirely.

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