Stress Ball

Stress Ball – A Useful And Effective Corporate Giveaway

The search for company giveaways which recipients can use often leads you to typical items like pens, mugs, notebooks, clocks, etc. While these are undoubtedly useful gifts, they’re already widely given. Hence, they’d do little in terms of making your company stand out. If you want a functional gift which is going to make recipients remember your company, then try giving a stress ball.

How Your Recipients Benefit From A Stress Ball Giveaway

In this fast-paced and very competitive world, almost everyone is subjected to stress. As many scientific studies show, stress can be deadly. It is one of the leading causes of cancer and heart diseases. So, how do these facts relate to giving away stress balls?

For a longer and better quality of life, people must find ways to avoid stress or reduce it. This is where your giveaway becomes helpful. This seemingly non-functional ball provides a quick way for individuals to relieve stress.

Squeezing the ball and releasing the grip help people get rid of tension or stress. Also, when the person focuses on squeezing the ball, his/her attention is diverted away from the cause of the stress. Experts say that the effects of using this ball are similar to that of meditation exercises.

This particular ball is also good for individuals who suffer from arthritic pain since using it helps increase blood circulation in the body especially in the upper extremities. Consequently, this reduces the pain. Stress balls are also used for physical therapy, specifically in rehabilitation exercises after operations or injuries involving the upper extremities.

Make Your Company Stand Out, Give A Stress Ball

With the many benefits of using this ball, you can be certain that your recipients, especially those who are often subjected to stress, would keep and use your gift. Moreover, since stress balls are small and handy like pens, it’s not impossible for people to bring them anywhere they’d go.

So, just imagine how effective it’s going to be as a marketing tool when your logo is printed on it. As it sits on numerous office tables or moves from one hand to another, this ball, with your logo or company name clearly printed on it, is definitely going to contribute to a better brand recall!

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