Soft Toys In Singapore

Soft Toys In Singapore: What Is The Most Popular Toy Around?

Toys never lose their ability to charm children and adults alike. They can be found being sold in many different stores. They come in numerous varieties all year round. The most popular toys include action figures, electronic gadgets and console games. Always included in the list are plush or soft or plush toys. Some soft toys in Singapore are made to represent popular characters that people have grown to love.

One of the most popular characters, or group of characters for that matter, is inspired by the current trend in video games, ‘Angry Birds’. This very simple yet extremely popular video game is now seeing itself being crafted into many different toy variants which include plastic figurines, board games, mini action games and plush toys.

The game’s popularity is even proven by the fact that, according to a Channel News Asia report dated December 1, 2011, the two DJs that make up the duo called the Muttons dressed up as Angry Birds during a portion in the 2011 Singapore Radio Awards Show.

Soft Toys In Singapore Are Ideal For Promotional Purposes

Some of these popular toys in the country can actually be used for promotional purposes. You can have them printed with your company logo, name or slogan and given out to the children of your company’s employees or given as giveaways during special events.

Soft toys like plush bears and animals are great for giveaways during the holidays and during product launches, especially for kiddie-themed events. They can help increase brand awareness and recognition.

Soft Toys In Singapore: Printing Ideas

Soft toys such as dolls or stuffed animals that don shirts can easily be converted as effective advertising tools because of the opportunity to have a brand name or logo printed directly on the shirts. If this is not an option, another easy trick is to attach a hang tag to the toy where the company’s details can be printed on. The toy’s packaging also makes for a great advertising medium since it offers a space wide enough to contain the company’s pertinent details.

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