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Soft Toy Advertising Tools – Why They Are Effective

It is a common business practice to give employees, clients, and consumers promotional items. Most of these products are for personal and business use, such as t-shirts, jackets, mouse pads, flash drives, and notepads. Those items target individual consumers, but for promotional products that encompass a bigger market share, companies go for gifts that appeal to almost everyone, including kids. A soft toy can work in this instance.

Stuffed toys used as promotional gifts are not unheard of. They usually come in bear forms, but a lot of companies have them made in the likeness of their mascots as well. Kids are the obvious targets of these gifts since these are toys first and foremost. However, the appeal of the stuffed characters extends beyond children and the youth.

What Makes A Soft Toy Effective As Promotional Product

Everyone simply loves plush toys. No matter what age they are, people seem to respond positively to them. These toys have soothing effect and can make people feel good. And when people feel good about a product, they associate it with the company. Plus, companies appear friendly when they give away these stuffed animals. It is like baring their soft side to the consumers, which make them look reachable.

As advertising tools, stuffed characters offer unlimited options for customization. Aside from their physical appearance, their accessories are also customizable. Their t-shirts, sashes, hats, or shoes can carry the company’s brand name and logo. It all depends on the company how they want their stuffed toy giveaway to look like and how will it carry their name. They can also make small-sized toys if they want something less expensive. Sizes can go as small as a keychain for easier and faster distribution.

A soft toy can also outlast any other promotional products. It has longer presence in the house than a ballpoint pen or a refrigerator magnet. It can lie on a child’s bed for a very long time or sit on an office desk for years, even outlasting date planners and flash drives. And unlike novelty items that are in trend for only a few months, soft toys are timeless. They don’t go out of style.

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