Sling Pouch

Sling Pouch Helps Mothers Get Closer To Their Child

Sling pouches (also called baby slings) have been used through centuries in many societies as a baby carrier. But the advantages of using baby slings do not only lie in the easy transport and security of babies. It also builds the physical and emotional connection of the baby to the parent. Baby slings also make it easier for the mother to breastfeed her child. Sling pouches can be adjusted to cover the head of the baby and the breast of the mother while breastfeeding.

Studies prove that the proximity of the babies to the bodies of their caregivers helps in the emotional and physical development of both parent and child. Mothers who keep carrying their babies increase their maternal bond with their infant, and in turn, lessen their tendency to experience post-partum depression and other psychosomatic illnesses. Babies also develop their social skills faster due to their constant exposure to other people when carried around.

Using a sling pouch allows a working parent to have free hands to do tasks while fulfilling the needs of the baby for interaction and feeding. Babies are also given opportunities to discover the world while feeling the protection of their parents.

Parenting With The Help Of The Sling Pouch

Parenting can be tough especially for working parents with babies. Balancing their time taking care of their babies while working can be a challenge. Still, many parents nowadays choose to be more hands-on in raising their babies rather than hiring nannies. Using a sling pouch can help working parents accomplish tasks without sacrificing their precious time with their little ones.

Sling Pouch As An Ideal Corporate Gift

A sling pouch can make a huge difference in the well-being of parents and their babies. Sling pouches make an ideal corporate gift to enhance the disposition and work performance of working mothers.

Apart from being practical, sling pouches can be fashionable. You can choose from Wah Mee’s wide range of designs and colors for sling pouches. They are also available in different types of cloth such as cotton, silk and linen, among many others.

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