Pens As Gifts

Pens As Gifts: Immortalising Hand Writing

Despite our modern age of mobile devices and computers, there is something about a handwritten piece of note or letter that makes a message more romantic, personal, and intimate than a typed up one. Of course, it helps if the writer’s penmanship is legible. Moreover, it helps to receive good pens as gifts to aid the inspired writer in penning down his or her musings.

Choosing The Right Pens As Gifts: Different Pens For Different Uses

Pens can be different in three ways: the body, the tip, and the ink. Depending on how the pen will be used and who will use it, you can choose the best pen at the best price.

For example, if you are giving a pen to the CEO of the company, you can safely assume that his or her use of a pen is mostly for signing important documents or your pay check. A felt tip pen for signing may just be what he needs. A doctor who is always on the go may benefit to have his or her pen hanging around her neck or where he or she can easily find it. It also helps that the pen is a push pen which does not need to be capped.

Your first grader who is introduced to writing using a pen rather than a pencil may benefit from pens that are rounded and thick enough for his or her little hand to hold. Too thin and it might slip off your child’s hand, making him or her frustrated about not being able to write neatly.

Expensive Pens As Gifts

Pens can be expensive depending on the quality and brand. But because they are widely used, other people opt for buying expensive refillable pens. These pricey pens can also be the best gifts you can get for that client of yours whom you want to please, or for the CEO of the company you are trying to build a business partnership with.

Indeed, pens are ubiquitous. Buying your pens from a corporate gifts company that offers a variety of selections will make your pens stand out.

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