Don’t you just hate it when after scribbling dozens of spirals on a scratch paper, your pen’s ink still won’t cooperate to release enough ink so that you can write down a phone number? It happens to me all the time.

No matter how many pens I buy, the one that is assigned near the telephone to jot down messages from callers always ends up being the most unreliable one. Probably because that one is the cheapest ballpoint pen I purchased, thinking it has the light job of just jotting down occasional notes.

That got me thinking. Out of all the varieties of pens in the market today, why do people always assign cheap ballpoint pens for phone messages? Not just that, ballpoint pens, the cheapest ones it seems, are also assigned on banks and other public areas, where people need to fill out pertinent transaction papers.

Although pens are normally dependable, it’s a different story once they fall into the ground tip first. Tragic. Just tragic.

A suggestion I once heard to “cure” a pen that had unfortunately fallen into the ground is to heat the writing tip a little with flame. It sounds a little primitive, and no, it doesn’t work.

So apparently, the only solution to a sick pen is to prevent it from falling off in the first place.

With that said, I’d like to take a moment to remember one of the many pens I have lost in my lifetime of writing. There are numerous for sure, but this one I have given more than a few minutes of grieving.

My foldable blue pen allowed me to scribble in the dark with its own light. The pen automatically emitted enough light when straightened out so I was able see the paper and my note while I wrote.

Smart, huh?

Sadly, that pen just lasted for a week before it chose to dive head first. The light was saved, but the ink chose to go.

Pens are superb corporate gifts. They last for months and help a client remember you over and over again.

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