The Pen And Corporate Gift-Giving Etiquette

A pen is a classic choice for corporate gift. Everybody needs writing instruments. It is also easy to print a logo onto it. It is carried everywhere, therefore the corporate logo printed on the pens are seen by a large number of people. That makes it good advertising for the business. Other useful corporate gifts include bags, caps, shirts, mugs, calendars, and key chains.

Why the Gift of a Pen Is Proper Gift-Giving Etiquette

The unwritten rules vary, but it a pen is usually an acceptable gift for all occasions and circumstances; for giver and recipient alike. Some say that gifts given by businesses to clients should not be much too expensive as to be misconstrued as bribes, or to break any tax laws for that matter. However, the items should also carry some value. The reason for gift-giving, after all, is to show how valuable a client or an employee is to the organization.

Some cultures allow the gift of wine and a food basket, while other cultures and circumstances deem it inappropriate.  In some places, a corporate gift that is an obvious marketing and advertising item is not appreciated while for others it does not really matter. The choice of a pen would be acceptable under all circumstances.

The Pen as Corporate Gift vs. Promotional Gift

Books on corporate etiquette differentiate between the corporate and the promotional or marketing gift. Corporate gifts are supposedly the ones given to select clients, as tokens of appreciation. These do not require a company logo or any identifying mark to be on the gift item. These are on the higher end of the price scale than the promotional gift.

Gifts meant for the promotion and marketing of a business or a product are the ones that are usually bought by the company in bulk and then printed with the corporate logo. These are also chosen carefully. The promotional item must have an appropriate value so as to balance cost while making the recipient happy to be on the receiving end of the gift. The gift item must also be suitable enough for a wide demographic of clients and employees. Fortunately, there is a wide range of pen designs and prices to suit almost any gift-giving situation.

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