Non Woven Bags

onwoven Bags Popular Due To Banned Plastic Bags

Nonwoven bags are likely to surge in consumption popularity with the growing consciousness on banned plastic bags. Over in China, bags other than those in super thin plastic materials are becoming everyday companions of the buying public who has grown accustomed to the government’s ban on the use of plastic bags for use in carrying their purchases bought from shopping establishments.

Nonwoven bags are not at all to replace the ultra-thin plastic bags normally available free to shoppers in supermarkets and department stores. However, nonwoven bags are alternative bags nowadays for shoppers in China which has observed already its one-year banning the plastic bags especially their free distributions to shoppers and buyers in supermarkets, shopping establishments, restaurants and other places of consumer goods markets.

With this favorable trend for the nonwoven bags market, the research and development has been keeping pace with the discovery of new nonwoven materials. A Turkey-based production center for nonwoven rolls recently developed the newest lightweight nonwoven fabrics made of polypropylene and polyester plastics applicable for the production of apparels and bags as well as other industrial goods.

In Delhi, the use and sale of ultra-thin plastic bags is also phohibited in an effort to curb the continuing degradation of environment where plastics are clogging waterways and filling up landfills in India. The use of nonwoven bags for packaging, fashion and corporate gift-giving, among others, is likely to benefit from this ban on plastic- use in India. Nonwoven bags are biodegradable, recyclable and cost-effective.

With governments in the most populated countries taking actions towards the promotion of environment-friendly packaging bags, the production and distribution of nonwoven bags benefit from this development. Nonwoven bags have been popular corporate giveaways these days owing to the good image that companies get in return from patronizing these eco-friendly and trendy gifts. Their uses span from all-purpose carrying function (documents, papers, wines, t-shirts, shoes, accessories, packaged food items, etc.) to brand image promotion by simply printing onto these nonwoven bags logos and messages about the companies.

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