Non Woven Bags

Non Woven Bags – Perfect Corporate Giveaways For Female Clients

Non woven bags for corporate giveaways are shaped like an ordinary tote bag. The difference is in the material. Non woven fabric is a type of engineered material unlike other fabric. This is because they are not made by knitting or weaving fabric from yarn or thread. Instead, they come from chemically or mechanically treated plastic or film sheets. Such a method has created a material with certain characteristics: a certain softness, resilience and stretch. Desirable characteristics of non woven bags are its absorbency and liquid repellent properties, as well as its flame retardancy.

How Non Woven Bags Reinvented the Tote

Classic totes were fashioned from canvas, leather, jute, or nylon. The bag typically has a large opening and sturdy handles to handle the load. Good totes have pouches and are equipped with zippers, and a strong reinforced bottom. The non woven giveaway are usually at the simplest design range. The material is foldable and easy to keep.

Non woven bags designed as tote bags are useful because these carry-all bags can hold any number of things and can be used in any number of situations. It is such a universal design that anybody can use a tote bag. They can serve as diaper bags, picnic bags, sports bags. They can carry sporting gear and a change of clothes, diapers and bottles, picnic blankets and sandwiches, books, keys, or makeup kits.

Why Non Woven Bags Make Great Corporate Gifts

When used as material for simple tote bags, non woven fabric makes the perfect corporate gift for giveaways after an event. They are inexpensive but very useful. They can be bought in bulk. There is a wide choice of colors and patterns. Best of all, these bags can be printed with the corporate logo prominently displayed.

Non woven bags make excellent corporate Christmas gifts, or brand marketing products and tokens of appreciation to loyal clients and trusted employees. It is, in fact, a favorite item for brand marketing nowadays. It is also used effectively as a great tool for promoting a cause or an advocacy.

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