Non-Woven Bag Suppliers

Non-Woven Bag Suppliers Sell Without Threads

Non-woven material is made up of fibres that are bonded by mechanical, chemical or thermal means. It differs from usual fabric because it is not woven or knitted. One example of non-woven fabric is felt and it is used by non-woven bag suppliers to create their products. There has been criticism that non-woven material is a weak material for bags but it is usually reinforced into a fibre web.

The fabrics that non-woven bag suppliers use

There are two main types of non-woven fabric: staple non-wovens and spunlaid non-wovens. Staple non-woven fabric are spun and trimmed to a few centimetres before they are placed in bales which will be placed in a conveyor belt for carding. In the carding process, the fibres are being spread out to form a web and the fibres are bonded via resin or thermal means.

After the carding process, the web of non-woven fibres are laid out and cooled down. After this process, they are rolled out and prepared for use. On the other hand, spunlaid non-woven fabrics are spun directly to a web with the help of deflectors and air streams. The fibres are also bonded by resin or thermal means. This is a more cost-efficient way of producing non-woven fabric and it is often used by bag suppliers.

The products that non-woven bag suppliers sell

Most non-woven bags are created from polypropylene which makes its texture soft. At first, you might find it hard to differentiate a woven bag from a non-woven one because non-woven material can match the look of the woven ones. Therefore, they also offer the bags that woven suppliers sell. For school needs, they have backpacks, trolley bags and lunch bags.

Non-woven bag sellers also sell luggage bags and travel bags for those who are on the go. They also sell sports bags for the adventure-seeker and tote bags for give-aways. Non-woven suppliers also create stylish products such as hand bags, shoulder bags, fashion bags and designer bags. You can also ask them produce custom-made bags according to design and usage.

Non-woven bag suppliers can be found online and they showcase their products through websites. You can also purchase bags through online ordering systems any time of the day. For orders of small quantities, the buyer will shoulder the shipping costs. However, bulk orders entail bigger discounts and even the cancellation of the shipping fee.

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