Non Woven Bag Singapore

Non Woven Bag Singapore: An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Using paper products is considered an environmentally friendly alternative as opposed to plastic, although it would seem wasteful as well. Lest the paper was already recycled, using paper for bags or for shopping at the supermarket is not economical. Besides, paper can’t be reused again once it begets tears. Plastic, on the other hand, can be reused, but the cheap kind wears easily, and it doesn’t really look stylish enough to carry around.

For these reasons, non woven bags have fast become the bag of choice not just for shoppers but people who would like to save money and the environment. Besides, non woven bags are made in such a way that they are not too attention-catching and not awkward to carry around even if you’re wearing sweatpants or donning a suit.

Uses OF Non Woven Bag Singapore

Non woven bags can be used in a number of industries in Singapore. It can be used in the medical field where reusing things isn’t allowed for sanitary reasons and using plastic isn’t a viable option either. Every day, millions of needles, scrubs, medical gowns, wound dressings, wet wipes and slippers and towels are being discarded by hospitals and medical facilities. If non woven fabric hasn’t been used on them, then people would probably be wasting time and money on buying plastic alternatives.

Ordering Customised Non Woven Bag Singapore

Non woven bags can be ordered in bulk, especially for people who wish to sell it by wholesale or retail in the manufacturing or retail industry. It can also be custom-made by bulk for companies who wish to incorporate an eco-friendly approach to their everyday processes.

Non woven bags also make very good bags for hampers and corporate giveaways during Christmas breaks or special corporate occasions. The bags themselves can also make good corporate giveaways which employees can use as a bag for running errands or going to the gym. The company logo, especially a prestigious one that is imprinted on the bag is quite a fashion statement, which employees won’t be embarrassed to show around.

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