Non Woven Bag Printing

Guide to Quality Non Woven Bag Printing For Corporate Logos

Corporate gift giving and giveaways have become a common practice of certain businesses. As such, the non woven bag is a favorite item for both giver and recipient alike. It is waterproof, lightweight, and very functional and practical. That said, this bag requires a special non woven bag printing process for placing the corporate logo onto the bag material.

Is Your Supplier Equipped With A Non Woven Bag Printing Machine?

If the printing is done wrongly, the logo design will merely peel off from the bag material. In some badly printed items, the non woven bag will wrinkle and distort the fabric. The solution to this problem is to choose a corporate gift supplier that is equipped with a special non woven bag printing machine.

This machine will mechanically print a number of pieces in a set time. They are effective with color registration for complicated logo designs. There are machines that can handle wide widths, lightweight fabrics, and heavyweight fabrics. There are modern digital machines and older machines. Before any orders for non woven bag printing are made, the capability of the supplier for fulfilling the orders should be verified.

An Alternative: The Special Non Woven Bag Printing Ink Additive

Another way for printers to avoid this printing problem is to use a special ink for polypropylene, the material which makes up non woven bags. The use of special ink is an effective solution for small scale corporate gift shops. Plastisol ink is the usual material for printing. This ink can be used with virtually any material that needs a logo printed on it. However, it needs to be heated to the right temperature for the ink to cure and properly adhere to the fabric. It is impossible to do on a non woven bag as the heat will melt and craze the material.

Low cure additives mixed with the ink will do the trick. However, the printer will have to be an expert in this method as well. He will have to know the right additive to use with the ink. He will have to know the correct ratio. Only then will the perfect special non woven bag printing be achieved.

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