Non Woven Bag

Using Non Woven Bag As Corporate Gift

Non woven bag is a trendy and versatile fashion staple, and today it’s also a favourite item in corporate gift shops. What’s most acknowledged in this bag is its promise of eco-friendliness. The bag is durable and reusable, and according to reports, can stop wasting hundreds of tons of paper gift wrappers and plastic bags every year.

This type of bag is generally designed lacking in pockets and dividers, allowing users to come up with their own organisation style. Bringing items in or out is also effortless with the bag. It’s a great shopping companion, among many other functions, especially when users have to buy groceries or grab several items from different shops.

Non Woven Bag Goodies

While the bag can be given away as it is, most companies turn the tote into a present filled with several treats, the type of which depends on the particular theme of the celebration or event.

Not surprisingly, office supplies are the top choice of companies for goodies, and these range anywhere from notepads to fountain pens and to desk organisers.

Companies who steer away from the conventional often load the bag with outdoor personal treats like gym towels, shades, tumblers, flip flops, toiletries. The options are endless.

Promotional Non Woven Bag

Corporate items are charged with the idea that they contribute in the company’s marketing and publicity. In using non woven bag however, it pays to be tasteful. Some people may find corporate items unappealing and at most tacky, so it will not be helpful splattering the bag with a humongous logo.

Use the bag to attract attention in a refreshing way. Instead of sticking to the traditional practice of logo-flashing, come up with a funny statement, a catchy slogan, or an interesting graphic related to the company. With the tackiness gone, owners will be more confident in using the tote in various occasions and thus will better help the company in getting exposure.

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