Non-Woven Bag

Promoting Your Company And Environmental Advocacy With A Non-Woven Bag

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to see companies supporting various causes or promoting their own advocacies. When you want your clients to know and support your advocacy, hit two birds with one stone by using your corporate giveaway to promote your company and the cause you support. If your company’s advocacy centres on safeguarding the planet, a non-woven bag is the fitting corporate giveaway.

Why A Non-Woven Bag Is An Excellent Promotional Item

Biodegradable and recyclable, non-woven bags are considered eco-friendly items. In recent years, this type of bag became popular because shopping malls and groceries began handing them out to their clients. This is to minimise or discourage the use of plastic bags which are harmful to the environment.

As mentioned above, non-woven bags are recyclable. They are also very durable. Most non-woven bags, especially those which come from reputable manufacturers, never easily get damaged. Your recipients can certainly use them for a long time. Moreover, many of these bags are washable. Hence, it shouldn’t be worry when they get dirty as they can be cleaned with water and soap.

In terms of promoting your company, these bags can help you widen your reach. Remember, chances are high that your recipients are going to use this type of bag and take them anywhere they’d go. This means your company name and logo is going to be in different places. Simply put, you get to advertise your company for free.

Apart from being eco-friendly and functional, non-woven bags are very affordable. This means you wouldn’t have to worry much about the price if you decide to make these bags your corporate giveaways.

Customised Non-Woven Bag Make Your Company Stand Out

As these bags are basically everywhere nowadays, you must customise them if you want your giveaways to stand out. Choose a bag with a unique design or pick those with bright colours. Furthermore, instead of just putting your logo or company name on them, add some graphics or funny taglines which would capture the attention of other people.

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