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Tips On Working Well With Mug Printing Companies For Your Corporate Giveaways

Mug Printing Companies can be your partners in providing the best corporate giveaways for your employees, managers and partners as well as your customers, suppliers and other third-party entities. Mugs, after all, can be printed with the company logo, slogan and other distinguishing marks, thus, making these pieces of drinkware effective marketing tools.

You must then be able to work well with the drinkware printing companies so that your orders are delivered in the right quantities, with the right quality, at the right time, and in the right place. Here are our tips.

Determine Your Goals Before Meeting With Mug Printing Companies

Your first step is to plan the corporate giveaways specifically mugs before meeting with the potential mug printing companies. Planning involves making decisions on the following aspects of ordering the mugs:

• Size and shape of the mugs
• Design of the mugs including the size, style and placement of the graphics (i.e., logo) and the text (i.e., slogan)
• Number of mugs to be ordered

Keep in mind that the mugs will be used as corporate giveaways with the intention of strengthening brand image, business relationships and company goodwill, among other purposes. The preferences of the recipients must then be considered in the design of the mugs, not to mention that you must order sufficient quantities of the drinkware.

You must also determine your budget. The good news is that mug printing companies usually grant discounts, free shipping costs, and free items for customers, which are efforts to retain the business. Take advantage of these customer-friendly terms and conditions when you are on the bargaining table.

Determine Your Criteria For Choosing The Best Mug Printing Companies

After your goals in relation to the corporate giveaways have been set, your next step is to identify the companies that will address these objectives. You must consider at least three companies before choosing the most suitable one – or perhaps, you can choose two for large-scale orders that must be delivered at the soonest possible time.

Be sure to interview the representatives of the mug printing companies about their terms and conditions. Discuss aspects like their manufacturing capacities, their delivery times, and customer services. Ask for client referrals.

With your goals in place and your right choice in mug printing companies, your corporate giveaways can be a marketing success – and that you can toast to with the mugs!

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