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Personalized Mug Printing Ideas For Gifts And Company Giveaways

Mugs are timeless items that you can always gift co-workers and loved ones. It may seem clichéd for some people, but new technologies and printing design can add a new twist to the ubiquitous mug. Read on for some ideas on choosing the best personalised mug that will make the recipient’s morning cup of tea or joe interesting. Besides, gifting a personalised mug is fun way to promote your business to people, with a fraction of the cost.

Mug Printing Ideas: Techie Mugs

Quirky novelty mugs are all the rage nowadays—from camera lens mugs to heart-shaped mugs, there’s always a mug that the recipient can truly enjoy. Interestingly, there are also music mugs which produce music through a speaker under the cup. There are also mugs that have a mini-heating system attached to the bottom to keep your beverage from getting cold.

There are also mugs that are functional in terms of holding things or your food. There are mugs that come in the shape of faces (which, if you think about it, can be shaped like a fruit or whatever you like), with a concave mouth. The concave serves as holder for your doughnut or cookie in case you don’t have a plate. There are also plain ceramic mugs with open “zipper” engravings which are meant to hold the tea bag string.

You can also gift mugs that say a lot about the recipient’s personalities or their mood. There are mugs with different facial expressions engraved on them that are perfect for each day of the week. There are also mugs that come in the shape of the “@” sign for techie or web design people. You can also gift a set of pantone-based mugs that the recipient may choose from depending on their mood or the color of their attire for the day.

Customized Mug Printing Ideas For Special Occasions

Nothing beats personalized statement mugs as a means of showing how much you value the recipient. A heart-warming message or quote printed on the mug can be simple, but it may be the best inspiring gift that the recipient has received in a while.

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