From a cramped office floor to a solitary bedroom desk, there’s one common thing that has been a source of strength for workers around the world: a warm concoction served in one’s favorite mug.

Aside from the ever present pens and paper, a mug is what graces the desk and table of every hardworking employee on the race to finish a report before the midnight deadline; of every student cramming up to study for a very important exam; of every girls during sleepover party, where a hot cocoa also means exchanging of hot gossip; of every wife who patiently waits for her husband to come home from an overtime at work; of every mother and daughter during a late night soap rerun marathon; and of every old married couple, who treat every night a date night while perched under the starry sky.

Whatever mug you use, be it the plain white ceramic or the Christmas-themed Santa mug that you always use even though it’s already summer, mug has been a staple in every home and workplace.

What is worth noting is that even in hot places, a mug is still a must-have. It doesn’t matter if a mug normally holds hot liquid and somewhat inappropriate to drink in a humid surrounding, what matters is that one holds a mug for a variety of other reasons.

A mug can a source of strength to last for a little more time for some or an excuse to laze off for a few minutes more.

A mug of warm milk lulls a child to sleep, while a mug of hot chocolate wakens a grown man’s childhood. A mug of coffee invigorates the body, while a mug of tea soothes the spirit.

That would mean that a mug is as important, or in some case, more valuable, than the liquid it holds. Because mugs doesn’t just quench a temporary thirst, it quenches future cravings.

Use mugs today as excellent corporate gifts for your clients.

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