Mouse Pad

Types Of Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is an essential computer accessory that seems to be sliding a little bit in terms of popularity but is nevertheless a must-have if you want to experience convenience in using your computer or laptop. It is basically a small-sized mat that serves as support for the mouse. It has been in existence since the late 1960’s and is continuously improving in terms of design and material.

Benefits Of Using Mouse Pad

The advantages of using this accessory can be summed up to four – increase in speed, increase in precision, ultimate comfort for the user, and aesthetically pleasing. With the help of this computer accessory, a user can browse through the screen faster.

This can make navigation of the computer more precise because it guides the pointer more effectively. Lastly, they provide relief from using a touch pad or a desk. Also, with the numerous designs that are available nowadays, you can easily express your personality via the logo on the pad.

The materials used for this type of computer accessory are the following:

Vinyl- this became one of the commonly-used types in the beginning because of its adhesive properties that make the bottom of the mouse stick to the pad. In addition, they are anti-static which shields the mouse to transfer electricity to the desk. Also, the new batch is not only water and heat-resistant but are also alcohol, grease, and coffee-proof.

Fabric- this is a pad that sprung into being when mouse balls became made of silicone rubber. However, many issues arose with this type of mainly because it easily absorbs dirt which then transfers to the mouse ball which results to rougher pointer movement. Manufacturers are now using high-tech fabric in order to resolve this issue and this is continuously by majority of mouse users.

Precision mouse pad – this became the “it” pad with the proliferation of optical mouse which does not work well on wood or other hard surfaces. This kind is made of special teflon which provides the least amount of friction with the bottom of the mouse. This is also scratch-resistant and is ideal for gamers and graphic artists.

Know Which Mouse Pad Suits You

It is better to be aware of what type of mouse you are using and what type of working environment you have before purchasing this computer accessory. You will never know how much comfort and convenience in using your computer until you use one.

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