Luggage Tag

Travel Easy With Personalised Luggage Tag

You use a luggage tag to identify your belongings, especially when you’re travelling. The tag can be as custom-made as you want or you may simply find a notepad and label your luggage. However, the latter choice is not advisable since most of the time general tags are brushed aside.

The value of tags for your luggage can’t be overstated. The most apparent benefit of having a tag is it makes it simple for you to name and identity your baggage when travelling. With no tag, you need to endure tons of identical bags prior to finding yours.

Why Custom-Made Luggage Tag Must Be Your Choice

As it implies, custom-made tag is an identification that is craftily personalised to suit your needs. Moreover, a unique tag is easy to spot. This will help you cut time sorting through look-alike baggage. Besides, standard tags can be frustrating, mundane and honestly defeat the purpose of putting a tag on your belongings.

Luggage tags that are customised, like custom made leather tags, have acquired recognition in the last couple of years. Another reason behind this is they can be part of an effective marketing strategy that’s without cost. This is great for businesspeople. Aside from your name, you can have your company’s name and contact numbers etch on the tag. Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone.

Information Warranted On Your Luggage Tag

There are several travellers who don’t think mentioning home address on luggage tags is wise since it can be an easy tool for intruders. On the other hand, some think adding the address is a wise decision as it’s easier for the authorities to track you down if you misplaced your things. Whether you opt to leave your address or not, make sure that your tag have your full name (or the name that appears on your ticket) and your phone number (home phone and/or mobile). Adding your email address on the luggage tag is also recommended.

Airlines worldwide are said to misplace thousands of bags every day. With the help of a personalised tag, you’ll considerably lower down the chances of travelling without your belongings.

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