Although they are primarily used for holding IDs and such, lanyards are items to behold of their own. Yes, they are still used for carrying items, but nowadays, lanyards are more than just means of securing an item. They are now also fashion accessories rather than just plain cords to hold something of value.

Back in the days, lanyards were used by military personnel to connect a pistol, sword, or whistle to their neck or wrist. It was used mainly to attach a pistol to its holster or a sword to its belt, but lanyards later became more of a decorative item.

For the men in uniform, the lanyards they carry in various color combinations and braid patterns signify their rank or qualifications. But for most people, lanyards carry their personal identification cards, badges, and even electronic devices in style.

Today, lanyards are not just a simple rope or cord one uses to attach an important item. Lanyards these days are cords of expressions and style.

Companies and schools normally provide lanyards that bear their organization’s name to their employees or students for easy identification. Some individuals prefer a more fashionable statement for their lanyards. Some carry a beaded or bejeweled lanyard to carry their personal items, while there are those who prefer colored ones to match their moods.

Aside from weapons, ID, badges, keys, and whistles, lanyards today carry electronic gadgets, such as mobile phones, MP3 players, USB flash drives, and cameras to prevent loss or dropping. Some lanyards even function as an electronic gizmo itself. For example, a headphone incorporates its audio signal to its lanyard so it doubles as a cord as well.

Lanyards today are no doubt not only very functional, but also utterly fashionable. In some cases, they are just as important as the things they hold. Lanyards not only carry identity, but also the wearer’s personality.

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