Choosing Lanyards As Corporate Giveaways

Lanyards are a good deal for corporate gifts and giveaways. They are a simple but very useful item. They can serve as a stand-alone gift or attached to another item such as a pen or a pouch. They can be easily printed with a corporate logo. The lanyard would then serve as a promotional item when used. They are usually slung around the neck, where the company logo would be prominently displayed. It is no wonder that lanyards are a popular corporate gift.

Still, no matter how simple and straightforward the item seems to be, it is difficult to make a design choice. Lanyards are available in seemingly endless designs, patterns, styles, colors, and lengths.

The Different Elements of Corporate Lanyards

Aside from design choices, a customer will have to choose the material for the lanyards, the size of the items, and what kind of fasteners to use with these.

The usual lanyard materials are cotton, nylon, polyester twill, and cording material made into flat and braided tubing. Polyester is the least expensive of these materials. The flat tubing design makes them suitable for printing logos and company names. The standard length is 36 inches, but this is made adjustable with attached beads. Custom size orders are also possible. The last element to think about is the fasteners. There is a wide array of choices for this, from the key ring to the snap hook and the retractable reel.

The Different Printing Methods for Lanyards

When choosing, the method for printing the corporate logo is also a concern. There are four ways to place a logo image onto the product. These are through embroidery, hot stamping, screen printing, and dye sublimation. The most affordable is hot stamping. Screen printing is the most common choice as it straddles the middle ground of quality to price. Dye sublimation is the most expensive method, a method that is fade, crack, and peel resistant.

One could always make inquiries through customer service regarding the products, when ordering them online. Articles such as these are also a good guide to choosing the most suitable one for the company or event.

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