Lanyard Singapore

Lanyard Singapore Fashion Craze

Lanyards are essentially straps. The first recorded use of lanyards dates back to the 1600s in France where it is used as a strap for holding pistols, whistles and swords by the French militia. Lanyards are made of a strong cord or fiber as the use of lanyards is more than just mere decorative laces or holders for items.

Nowadays, lanyards have found a new use as an item of clothing. Following its use as a pistol holder in popular spaghetti westerns in the 1960s, lanyards are now being worn in other places other than the waist. People have discovered new use for lanyards as a decorative piece of clothing worn on the shoulders, neck, and around the wrist. From being made of thick ropes, lanyards are also now made from softer, and “skin-friendly” materials like polyester, cotton, silk, satin and nylon.

Kinds Of Lanyard Singapore

Lanyards are now being used for badges or ID holders and worn around the neck. They can be commonly seen worn by employees inside a multinational company like an IT firm or a bank. Lanyards are also used as a safety feature of dangerous machineries, which are pulled in times of danger to disable the operation of a certain machine.

Lanyards are also used by professionals as a USB holder. The short lanyard is attached to the end of the USB and can be removed if needed. This short lanyard is also another feature of mp3 players, handheld digital cameras, and cell phones, in some instances.

Customised Lanyard Singapore

With technology being more available these days, lanyards can now be designed and customised based on customer preferences. The length and purpose of the lanyard can be predetermined by the customer before it’s being made. Lanyards can also be ordered beforehand, especially if they are needed in bulk, such as for Christmas or company giveaways, or for wholesale or retail purposes.

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