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This utilitarian item got its name from the French word for strap, laniere, which became lanier in English, another word for a thong that is designed to be fastened to an object. The ubiquitous lanyard is used often by schools, for their students to be able to display their IDs around the neck with this strap, which normally carries the school’s name or logo. Many companies also have their own custom lanyards for employees, such as for fastening IDs or name badges.

As a corporate gift, the lanyard is a great and inexpensive idea. Aside from IDs, other items that could possibly be lost may be secured with a lanyard. In older days, the lanyard served as a strap for weapons such as knives, pistols and swords. These days, however, small objects that can be easily misplaced such as keys, eyeglasses, cameras and mobile phones can be attached to lanyards. There will always be reason for a person to use a lanyard, and therefore it makes for an attractive and convenient corporate gift. Aside from wearing the lanyard around the neck, a person may also wear it around the wrist or waist, or attach it to a backpack or laptop bag.

The versatile lanyard can be made of diverse materials such as cotton or plastic, in different colors, sizes and lengths. As a corporate gift, the lanyard may be given with another object already secured to it, making it two presents in one, such as a USB flash drive, a keychain, a luggage tag or even an empty badge holder. Both the lanyard and attached object can be imprinted with the company name or logo, or any promotional message that you want to be advertised. A lanyard with an ID or name tag can be paired as a corporate gift during workshops, conferences and other big events where people must constantly wear official identification.


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