Lanyard As A Corporate Gift

By definition, a lanyard is any small rope or cord for securing or holding something, as a whistle around the neck or a knife on one’s belt. Formerly, it was for military use; but now it is widely used for commercial purposes. The general population is familiar with lanyards only as ID holders or ID straps. Although, often, they are also used to carry small electronic gadgets like cameras, MP3 players, flash drives, and even cellular phones.

Lanyards as corporate gifts can be an excellent idea because they are much more affordable due to their low costs. Their promotional value can be optimized. Since one reason for giving away corporate gifts is for regular use, a lanyard is a perfect choice. However, there are times when the popularity of lanyards can be a liability and, hence, be regarded as another ordinary item. Some differentiation must make it stand out.

Tips That Make A Lanyard Stand Out

Two factors are essential to making quality lanyards. First, the best material to use is polyester cords. Polyester is the best material for silkscreen printing jobs that are durable. That brings us to the second factor, silkscreen as the best printing method to use. It is important to choose colors that go together for the job. Contrasting colors work well with some combinations; adequate hues are appropriate for monochrome jobs.

Make sure that the digital version of the logo is accurate according to client specifications so it would look superb in print on the lanyards. Always consult the client for approval or adjustment for best results. Remember that some catchy phrase or motto is usually enough to catch attention. This could come from the company, too, for complete customization.

Make Your Lanyard The Preferred Choice

After you’ve made your perfect quality product, you’ll be pleased to learn that people would want to have their lanyards just like yours, too. Let the product lead them to you!

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