Ordering A Lanyard Online

Ordering a lanyard corporate gift online is as easy as clicking on an item you like from a website catalog and filling up some information about your order on an online form. Custom orders require further communication from a sales staff for the special design specifications before an order can be completed. For clients who are scouting for the best price, it is also possible to get a quote through online inquiries. Some websites leave an email address or phone number, while others just have an onsite form for messages and inquiries.

Factors That Determine Lanyard Price

The quantity determines the price of the giveaway. The more orders for an item, the cheaper the individual price becomes. For this reason, bulk orders are encouraged. Some shops impose a minimum requirement for orders. Larger quantities will usually have discounts. Orders usually take one to two weeks to deliver. However, a client can specify a shorter lead-time for delivery. For this special request about delivery schedule, the lanyard price will be adjusted as well.

International orders will surely have a higher price for freight deliveries. Some shops do not accept international orders, or have a selective policy for different locations.

Lanyard Design Possibilities

There are countless design possibilities. To make it easier for customers to choose, online services will have samples in their websites. For more creative designs, custom orders could be placed. Aside from visual elements such as color, patterns, and complexity of design, the type of material can also be specified. The usual choices for lanyard materials are cotton, nylon, and polyester. There are plain and printed ones. For the purpose of corporate gifting, they will require the printing of corporate logos. For printed ones, the printing processes to choose from are hot stamping, screen printing, and dye sublimation. Embroidered ones are also available in some shops.

Lanyard material is shaped to be flat. Thus it can easily be printed with a corporate logo. It would then serve as a promotional item when used. It is usually slung around the neck, where the company logo would be prominently displayed. It is a perfect corporate gift for advertising the company as well as for rewarding clients.

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