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Drinking Ware Singapore Options: How To Choose The Perfect Wine Glass For Your Hosting Needs

The humble wine glass is a symbol of opulence no matter what time or country you’ve been born into. Anyone who has ever dined at a posh restaurant would have stumbled upon this drinking ware marvel. Whatever purpose it may serve though—whether for holding wine or water—the wine glass is a must-have for any home owner.

Wine glasses are made to perfection like some form of art. In fact, the size of its bowl and length of its stem or foot dictates its functionality. The glass composition and transparency also make a huge difference on the wine tasting experience of the user. For example, fused glass may change the taste of the wine and so do thicker kinds. Thinner brown glass, meanwhile, are considered to be the best material for wine glasses.

Drinking Ware Singapore: Types Of Wine Glasses

The most expensive and sophisticated type of wine glass on the market is crystal. Crystal has a rougher surface than other types of glass making it efficient for reflecting light and aerating the wine. This property allows a user to enjoy the flavor and aroma of the wine better.

Shape is also important when it comes to preserving the true taste of wine. The shape of the wine glass affects the quality of the wine from the time it has been transported from the wine bottle to the glass and finally to the mouth of a person.

What Drinking Ware Singapore Shape Is Best For Your Wine

Aeration is an important aspect of bringing out the flavor and scent of the wine. For red wine to be enjoyed better, a rounder and bigger bowl is important. White wine can also be enjoyed with bigger bowls, although not all white wines may require bigger bowls. Champagne, meanwhile, is served on narrow flutes to prevent it from losing its carbonated property quickly.

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