Drinking Ware

Using Drinking Ware As A Corporate Gift

Drinking ware is one of the best sellers when it comes to corporate gifts. Employees drink coffee, soda, and other beverages several times a day, and most of them prefer storing a mug or a tumbler in their office drawers to save cost and easily get servings.

Giving away drinkware can be very versatile as it can suit almost all occasions. Companies can use logo-stamped glasses, mugs and tumblers as tokens during assemblies, birthday and holiday parties, product launches, and many other forms of corporate events. Corporate presents such as these can also serve as marketing materials that promote the company and its products or services.

Ensuring Drinking Ware Quality

Cups and glasses vary in price, material and design, and like in most cases, the quality of things gets higher with costs. The objective therefore is to find a supplier that can offer a good balance of quality and price.

Plastics, ceramics, and glasses have different grades of thickness and durability, so it is important to consider these factors in selecting the kind of drinkware to buy as a corporate gift. These days, most offices are equipped with microwave ovens in their pantries, so it would be very useful to employees if the drinkware is microwave-safe.

Choosing The Right Drinking Ware

In choosing a design, it is wise to think of simplicity and elegance as well as the branding guidelines of the company. Many corporate logos have rules regarding format, size, font, layout, and the like, and it is important that the company’s marketing leaders are aware of the targeted designs.

Since wares can be given all year round, people in charge with buying corporate gifts should consider diversifying the inventory from time to time. For instance, they can pick sport tumblers for the first quarter, then ceramic mugs the next, then metallic cups the next, then wine glasses, and so on. They can also vary elements such as the logo size, slogan, colours, and others.

More expensive drinking ware, of course, should be given during very special occasions like Christmas parties and anniversaries. Corporate gift buyers can choose fancier types such as red wine and white wine glasses, champagne flutes, highball glasses, shots, margarita and martini flutes, and beer mugs.

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