Customised T-shirts Singapore

Customised T-shirts Singapore from Wah Mee Silk Screening

Founded in 1980, Wah Mee Silk Screening prints t-shirts and other useful accessories using silk screen services. We understand our customers and their needs after nearly 35 years in the business and creating over 10,000 different types of customised gifts for small and large corporations. Customised corporate gifts are ideal for both customers and employees. Not only does Wah Mee Silk Screening provide t-shirts, but they offer other gifts such as hats, bags, aprons, badges, pens and more.

Why Order Customised T-shirts Singapore ?

Customised items such as pens, t-shirts and badges are a great way to market your business. They can be handed out during conferences, corporate events and to potential customers or employees. Having your company’s name on items that will be seen by the public or handed out, will help others remember who you are and what you do. People almost always need a pen, and enjoy receiving free items like t-shirts or hats. With a company’s name on these types of gifts, it has the possibility of always being on the tip of a potential customer’s tongue.

Ordering from Customised T-shirts Singapore

Ordering from Wah Mee Silk Screening is easy. Find the type of product that your company is interested in such as aprons, t-shirts, pens, hats, lanyards, badges or our other products that they carry. Decide on how many items that you will need so that the unit price can be figured. You can always contact Wah Mee Silk Screening for an estimate at or .

How to Distribute Customised T-shirts Singapore.

Gifts that are customised by Wah Mee Silk can be given to new employees that join the company. Provide them with hats and t-shirts that can be worn at company events. The gifts can also be given away as an incentive to new customers for using specific services or buying a certain number of products. Customers always enjoy a free gift or two.
Customised T-Shirts Conclusion
For all of your printing needs, contact Wah Mee Silk to begin your order. There are a variety of products that we can offer to help promote your company and its services.

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