Corporate T-shirts

Silkscreen Services On Corporate T-shirts

Silkscreen Printing is another leading business activity in the clothing and fabric industry. Corporate t-shirts refer to t-shirts having the logos or trademarks of companies on them. You may find them printed on sleeves, front and/or back portions, and even on the collars. It is usually these companies that produce or make them, although they actually outsource this as it is most cost-effective for them. Costs depend on quantity, number of colors, design complexity, and expected turnaround time. Additional fees are charged for rush jobs. Some types of services are more cost-effective on smaller orders; otherwise, jobs with larger quantities usually generate more savings.

Customized Silkscreen Corporate T-Shirts

For standard screen printing, colored paint is applied to the t-shirt using a silkscreen, heat and pressure. Beside the factors mentioned above, the number of imprints per t-shirt, and the readiness of the artwork can still affect the pricing per t-shirt and set-up costs. Premium prices are applied to polyester and nylon t-shirts.

The direct method of permanently dyeing full color images into the t-shirt fibers using vibrant permanent inks works on all colors. But the results are much better in lighter-colored t-shirts. This type of service is cost-efficient for small orders with high-colored designs, but has a rather prohibitive cost for large orders.

The photographic transfer is for 100% cotton t-shirts or 50/50 blended cotton t-shirts is an excellent way of printing full color photographic images or reflective artwork on t-shirts. This method uses CMYK inks, heat, and high pressure.

Where And When Do You See Corporate T-Shirts?

Corporate t-shirts are found in almost any setting whether you are indoors or outdoors. They are most emphasized during corporate anniversaries and there is a planned program where all employees participate. In educational institutions like colleges and universities, foundation day celebrations display arrays of customized printed t-shirts bearing the school’s logo. They’re seen in employees’ recognition rites, sports and athletics competitions, and company promotional endeavors.

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