Corporate T Shirt Designs

Corporate T Shirt Designs To Bring Your Brand To The Fore

Corporate T Shirt Designs are different on so many levels from T shirts designed for mass consumption. For one thing, these shirts usually have the logo, slogan and motto of the company that commissioned these items. Mass market shirts, in contrast, may or may not have these branding marks on any visible part of their fabrics.

For another thing, these shirts are typically manufactured for a specific type and number of recipients with the aim of strengthening business relationships, brand image, and community goodwill, among other purposes. The chosen designs are then expected to achieve these purposes, thus, the inclusion of the company colors, logos and slogans on the shirts.

Corporate T Shirt Designs And Your Brand

Let’s start with the necessity of choosing the best possible corporate T shirt designs to strengthen brand image in the target market. Your best bet is to add the company logo and slogan to the designs but the trick lies in determining their size, shape and placement. Too bold and the recipients will be put off by it; too small and your branding efforts will be for naught.

Tips from the experts:

• Place the logo in a visible place preferably on the chest area of the shirt. The placement can either be in the left, right or center, all of which can easily be seen by others.
• Pick the right size for the logo so that it can be readily seen by others but it is still in good taste.
• Use readable fonts for the slogans and mottos.

Your goal is to ensure that, indeed, your brand will be noticed by both the wearers of the corporate giveaways and other individuals. The more you put your brand in the market’s consciousness, the more you can make your mark in the industry.

Corporate T Shirt Designs And Your Costs

Of course, you want to enjoy high returns on your investments for your corporate T shirts-cum-giveaways. Look at the overall costs of production and then compare these costs to the expected benefits in terms of the above mentioned goals. If your cost-benefit analysis reveals that the benefits outweigh the costs, then go ahead and start choosing from among the wide range of corporate T shirt designs.

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