Corporate Gift Singapore

Corporate Gift Singapore: How It Came To Be

A promotional product, like the world, has its own story to tell. Some people may have only taken notice of items like t-shirts, umbrellas, and mugs given away by banks, and other corporations recently because of their increasing popularity; but it should be made known that these tokens of appreciation, though somewhat indiscernible, have been around since the late 18th century.

However, corporate gifts were only introduced in Singapore during the mid-1950’s. At that time, the only companies who were recognized to give out such giveaways were those who are known and well-established in the business industry.

Corporate Gift Singapore And Advertising

The intricacies of corporate gift Singapore can be made unique and personal in several aspects; because of this, companies not only show appreciation to clients but unknowingly, they are already advertising at the same time.
On the other hand, there are high-end companies that are already taking promotional giveaways to the next level. They send the said items to celebrities during events like awards’ and premiere nights. What happens during the event is the sponsoring company asks the personalities present to have their photos taken while sporting the promotional item. The picture will later on be used for publicity purposes specifically in print and television advertisements.

Corporate Gift Singapore, Not Only A Promotional Gig

Other than advertising, corporate gifts are also effective in campaigns like cancer awareness, in recognition programmes like awarding an employee of the month, and in commemorative events like annual sport tournaments and cultural affairs.

Items given away often contain logos that represent the cause or the reason of the occasion. In breast cancer awareness drives for example, giveaways like t-shirts and button pins contain the pink ribbon which represents the campaign locally and internationally.

Corporate gifts help several companies and individuals through countless reasons but their commonality lies on the goal of getting a specific message across.

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