Corporate Gift Printing

Screen Printing As A Mode Of Corporate Gift Printing

Of the many modes of printing available today especially with the boom in digital technology, screen printing stays as one of the most preferred modes of corporate gift printing for the sheer convenience and versatility it brings.

Basics Of Corporate Gift Printing Through Screen Printing

What is screen printing? Or, more aptly, how is screen printing done?

Screen printing is a printing technique which uses a customised stencil, placed on a mesh, and placed over the surface to be printed, and then printed using ink and hand strokes.

Screen printing, or commonly referred to as silkscreen printing, can be used on any format, including cloth, paper, wood, glass, metal, and plastic. This is why it is used in many industries, including t-shirt (and fabric in general) printing and manufacturing (for labeling and signage purposes).

Silkscreen printing is a preferred printing method because it is relatively cost-efficient and versatile at the same time. In the field of printing, striking a balance between the liberties of creation and the limits of technical aspects may be difficult. Silkscreen printing has somehow bridged that gap quite satisfactorily as it still gives the designer a free hand with the design while not totally scrimping (or overblowing) on resources.

Qualities Of Screen Printing As A Corporate Gift Printing Method

Its versatility is just one of the many advantages that screen printing gives. Because it is relatively affordable to maintain, screen printing is also a sustainable printing method for companies. For clients, meanwhile, screen printing allows them to customise their designs without having to grapple upon technical difficulties.

For the designer, silkscreen is easy to work with as it does not require extreme manual pressure to get the ink to stick to the surface, unlike etching. Aside from this, a variety of inks can also be used, mixed and matched, to create the precise design asked for by the client.

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