Corporate Gift Printing

How Does Corporate Gift Printing Help Companies Advertise Their Craft

Advertising comes in two forms: above-the-line and below-the-line. Above-the-line advertising pertains to the usual advertising tools used like television plugs, print advertisements and radio spiels. Meanwhile, below-the-line advertising includes unconventional methods like word of mouth advertising and product give-aways wherein companies resort to souvenir giving.

Effective Advertising Through Corporate Gift Printing

Unless you really have a television advertisement that will stick to the consciousness of media consumers, this form of advertising comes with a hefty price. Also, it would be hard to target the specific market of your product with this method. Through corporate gift printing, it seems that you have hundreds of billboards who unconsciously advertise your product every time they don the souvenir that you have given.

The cost for this type of below-the-line advertising is cheaper than mainstream advertisements. Thus, it is an ideal strategy for start-up businesses that do not have much capital yet. The logo and important details about their business must be clearly printed on the shirt for everyone to see. Sometimes, you will get customers in the least likely way.

Corporate gift printing packages

Shirt printing packages vary on quantity and design. You can get a lower printing cost for each shirt if the design that will be printed has fewer colours. Corporate gift printing companies specify a minimum number of shirts to be ordered for the deal to push through. However, you can get discounts for orders of greater quantity.

There are several ways to print a design onto a shirt. First is the heat press method which is a faster way to mass-produce shirts. Once a design is finalized, the design will be imprinted on heat plates and will be pressed on every shirt ordered. While this is a faster way of production, there is a tendency for the design to wear off after repeated use.

Another way of shirt printing is through silk screen wherein the design is copied to a tracing paper which is attached to a silk screen. The design will then be imprinted using textile paint that will be smudged by a squeegee.

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