Button Badge

Personalised Button Badge – The Inexpensive Way To Get Your Message Across

Customised button badge or pins are popular choices for both business and personal use because of their affordability and effectiveness in getting the message across. They are easy to use, highly visible and relatively easy on the pocket compared to bulky printed merchandising or corporate gift items.

Different Uses Of The Button Badge

In the business scene, uniquely designed badges are effective as promotional tools. They just have to be conspicuously worn on employee shirts, vests, or jackets for customers to easily see what it is that you want to advertise. Collar badges printed on with information on the close-of-season sale coming up or the grand launch of a new product shall remind customers to go back and never miss any of these important events.

When you want to inexpensively recognise employee achievements, a button badge can do just that. They can be given as simple gifts during staff anniversaries or every time you want to commend someone for doing an exemplary work.

Badges can also be used as name tags or name plates. Employees in restaurants and in other service-oriented businesses are commonly seen wearing badges with their nicknames featured on them. This makes for a more personal approach to the customers and sends the message that yours is a business that truly cares for its clients.

Button Badge Designs

Designs can be printed via silkscreen process and then covered with plastic material for durability. There are also metal badges where the design is engraved, screen printed or made of polished enamel. They come in gold, silver, nickel, chrome, or bronze finishes and are more hard-wearing. Due to the nature of the material used, metal badges can actually take the form of a company logo for maximum advertising potential.

It’s important that the design on the badge clearly depicts what you want to convey to your target market. If you want to showcase your business through image building strategies, you can make use of your corporate colours for easier brand recall. If you want to use badges for customer service purposes, they can be printed on with the names of each of your staff so that customers can easily address them on a first name basis.

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