Button Badge

A colorful and well-made button badge is an ideal corporate gift for events that involve mass marketing at large events, since the items are affordable for high volume orders. Not only that, a button badge can be easily pinned on shirt fronts or collars, making the company logo or promotional message immediately visible and widespread at the individual level.

This type of corporate gift is ubiquitous in big conferences and exhibits where there are other companies likewise vying for attention. Aside from a business logo, a button badge can be screen printed with promotional slogans and iconic images. In public events, your employees can wear the button badge as some sort of ID. Even within office premises, the company can give a button badge as some sort of incentive. For example, employees may be asked to wear a button badge with a particular design or slogan during a motivational campaign. It can also be displayed as some sort of medal to honor the employee, for example, as employee of the month.

For those who want to promote a particular cause, a button badge can do wonders to encourage employees and clientele. Those who want to indicate support for the campaign can be asked to wear the button badge. And for fund-raising, the button badges can also be sold. Keep in mind that there are individuals who make it a hobby to collect button badges.

Most button badges are ordered at a minimum volume, and are usually come in five to six sizes. When designing a button badge for as a corporate gift, always consider your target recipients. To make sure your company’s button badge will indeed be pinned on and displayed openly, it should be designed and crafted well. This paradigm is true for any corporate gift that wants to be useful for the recipient and promotional for the giver at the same time.

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