Button Badge

They are almost most noticeable during election period. Politicians, their campaign teams, and their supporters not only wear them on their chests, but on almost everywhere, such as their hats, briefcases, banners, and more. Button badges are probably the most tangible thing that can get a candidate’s message passed on from one person to the next. And although production on button badges gets high demands on election period, a button badge is actually an every day item.

Election time or no, it’s button badge day everyday. One can often see a button badge clipped onto a student’s bag, an art teacher’s apron, a preschooler’s uniform, and in a student’s locker.

There must be something about button badges that get people to actually stop and notice it. A leaflet can be crumpled and thrown. A banner only gets people’s attention when it is big enough and put on a conspicuous place. A note gets misplaced. Same goes for stick-it pads. A message on a hat may be visible enough, but it must be worn at all times, which is probably not the best idea most of the time.

But a button badge is different. They are colorful enough to be memorable. Or even with a monochrome design, the message, no matter how small in font they are written, looks bigger since it occupies most of the button badge’s small space. They don’t get crumpled so you can be rest assured your message stays ironed-straight. They don’t need big spaces to be noticed. They don’t need to be tied onto high places to create attention. And they don’t need obvious places to get read. Any part of a person’s clothing is obvious enough without creating unnecessary fuss on one’s person.

Button badges, without a doubt, get your message across. May it be a political one or even a personal artistic message. It doesn’t even need fancy designs, though avid collectors of button badges surely don’t mind. Button badge, with or without a text, is simply a message of its own.

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