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Bottles Singapore As Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts used to be expensive and only given occasionally. With the passage of time and the increase of our social intelligence, we have come up with creative ways to give out corporate gifts more frequently and at lower costs. In the global society, Singapore, as a leading first world country in Asia, is naturally benefited by this trend. Simpler items such as notepads, pens, folders, and even bottles Singapore are given away as promotional products.

How can bottles be a corporate gift? We all know that plastic bottles and tumblers are used by younger children to contain their favorite drink during recess time when they go to school. A little imagination can convert an ordinary looking plastic bottle or tumbler into a corporate gift! Now, who says top executive grandpa can’t use it as a gift for his grandchild? In fact, both grandfather and grandchild can use the same plastic bottle for their favorite drinks.

Bottles Singapore Promotes Corporate Identity

When grandfather executive attends his business meeting, he brings out his corporate bottle to drink his favorite juice at break time and shares with his associate that his grandchild has the same bottle (or tumbler). The conversation may lead to mutual corporate ventures. The grandchild at school may also get into a conversation with his or her friends about grandfather working in this company. This advertising benefit can travel far!

The simple designing and paint job done with the plastic bottle does go a long, long way! It can also be done with thermoses. Bottles Singapore includes many types of bottles like glass bottles. For instance, used gallons can house medieval ship models made out of recyclable materials. That would be a corporate gift treat. It could even become the product itself as a collector’s item.

Bottles Singapore Can Be Recycled Too!

Recycling is also a profitable business. Not only do you earn money, you also help in cleaning and maintaining the health of our ecology.

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