Bottle Printing

Bottle Printing

Bottle Printing For Corporate Gifts

Vintage bottle designs are becoming more prevalent in wine and liquor shelves, and many people are starting to take notice of how straightforward yet nostalgic these are. With immense focus on calligraphy and pastel or black and white colors, vintage bottle designs have become more than just a novelty but also as a professional-looking design that anyone can appreciate even in the corporate setting. So if you’re planning to give a gift to that colleague or employee of yours, go for a printed bottle with the said design.

Plastic Bottle Printing And Design Trends

Plastic bottle and bottle design in general has evolved a lot during the past decades. From “anything goes” at the beginning of the new millennium, the bottle design has slowly reverted to retro designs, which are simple yet lively and easy on the eyes. Bottle designs from the bygone days are clean-cut and focus more on logos and calligraphies, giving it a deeper and more meaningful connection upon their contact with consumers on the shelves of the supermarket.

For example, the usual source of inspiration for the bottle designs are the places where the products originate. This inspiration can materialize in the form of a logo or any other design on the bottle packaging. Meanwhile, the handwritten style of the name of the company or message on the bottle represent the anthropocentric focus of the company’s line of business.

Bottle Printing On Recyclables: As An Ecological Gift Alternative

One can repurpose old bottles then redesign it with vintage prints to make great containers for different kinds of cooking oils, sauces, marmalades, liquors and even water. The repurposed bottle can also be used as a household item such as a flower holder, portable lamp, or, when repurposed masterfully, as a piece de resistance inside the bedroom or living room.

If you really want everything to be eco-friendly (and if you have a few dollars to spare), you can also give out plant-based plastic bottles, which you can purchase from major bottle manufacturers. It would be fascinating for the recipient to know how ecological the bottle has been made and that the gift-giver is very responsible. Aside from impressing the recipient, perhaps you’ll even influence him or her to do the same thing.

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