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If you’ve got small business owners among your clientele, doubtless some of them would appreciate the unusual but welcome corporate gift of banners. This is especially so if their business operations involve public exposure at one point or the other, such as at trade exhibits or consumer events. Small firms most likely have tight advertising budgets, so when you order banner printing on their behalf, make sure the banner displays their company name, logo and slogan is a great boost to their business.

When having banner printing done for corporate gifts, it’s okay to discreetly add your own company’s name at the corner, along with contact info such as a website address or phone number. Both your businesses become visible in wonderful synergy. Your beneficiary would be able to display the banner whenever they need it. Banner printing is done on fabric using solvent-based inks for high-resolution graphic displays, resulting in well-crafted and high-quality banners.

Banner printing can be done on natural fabrics as well as polyesters. Suppliers for banner printing usually offer a wide range of sizes and colors of solvent-based inks that do not fade. The use of cloth in banner printing produces banners that are durable, lightweight, portable, and washable. Cloth banners are lighter than vinyl, and can be folded and packed easily. They can also be ironed, and their sides do not curl.

In banner printing, for those you want to give as corporate gifts, the banner’s content may be the name of an event or product that your client is launching, or wants to be publicized. Even if the client doesn’t inform you about it, if you hear about it and know that banners would be appreciated, then why not go ahead and have banner printing done? Banners as corporate gifts are a nice, tangible effort to deepen your relationship. Make sure that the banner printing is well-made so that the recipient will be proud to display them.

Any organization depends heavily on advertising for promotion of its products or services. It not only generates brand awareness but also brings out a desired response from the consumers.

Banner printing is one effective method of advertising and its use to draw public attention is well known. It is an old but reliable medium in the marketing arena. The success of a banner and its effectiveness is undoubtedly determined by its design, and printing has a major role in making sure that the end product comes out the way it is expected to.

Have you ever thought about gifting your client a banner with their logo and marketing message on and your logo and contact details at the bottom. This easy gift will display your branding to all the locations that your client goes to for a very modest investment. Not only that your client will be grateful to you eternally for gifting them a marketing banner that they can use that advertises them.

Banner printing requires careful and meticulous work so that a visually appealing banner can be developed. It is important that the length and width of the banner are just perfect. The message on the banner should be of a reasonable word count and in a font size that goes well with the layout. A common technique is using less than ten words, written in thick and large font size.

A good banner printing company should be able to come up with the right colour palette for your banner. The colour of the letters should emerge clearly on the background, so that the message can easily catch the eye. Loaded words like ‘great’, dynamic etc may be used to further heighten the effectivenessof the message, and if any pictures are being used, then they should be juxtaposed in such a way that they do not take peoples’ attention away from the main message. They should instead support the overall theme of the banner.

Focusing on these key points will greatly help in coming up with a suitable banner, which would make your advertising campaign a success. It is a solid marketing scheme that can help you generate more sales, more sales leads, and more sales referrals for your business.

The standard size of a fully erected rollup banner is 85cm x 2m.

Roller Banner stands are a fantastic way of presenting brand, logo, product, service or company. They give instant impact for very little cost. They are widely used for exhibitions, conferences, sales presenations, marketing pitches, retail displays, point of sale, product awareness events and within the corporate premesis.

Rollup is similar to the portable movie screen. These displays have a recoil mechanism which allows the banner to be rewound into the base of the unit. These units are the easiest to set up and the graphics are protected for transport when rewound into the base. They are usually heavier and more expensive due to the rewind mechanism. Rollup units come equipped with adjustable height poles. Rollup banner has some own terms and conditions like Price variation, Acceptance, Preliminary work, Electronic files, copy, Colour Proofs, Variations in quantity , Delivery and payment , Ownership and risk , Claims, Liability, Standing material, Customer’s property, material supplied by the customer, Periodical publications and law.

Pull Up Banners are the perfect solution for fast, high impact, exhibition display stands. A pull up banner stand can be positioned individually or tiled for extra impact. They simply retract into their sturdy alloy base for secure transportation. They are super quick and easy to set up and take down. Graphics can be replaced as required to suit your promotional requirements. Replacement top quality graphics for pull up banners are always available from Displays Direct at the best prices.

Retractable banners provide mobile presentation solutions for trade show display booths, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. Banner display stands, pop-up stands and trade show banners are lightweight and easy to use . Retractable banner pens leave a long-lasting impression on potential customers.

Exhibition banner stands are extremely versatile and can be custom designed to suit your specific display requirements and branding needs. Its display systems are portable and can easily be used by exhibitors on site. Exhibition banners offer 100% secure payment and ordering system , professional artwork packages and designers and largest online product range.

Banner stand displays are suited for use at exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, promotional advertising or any where else where you need a display graphic with impact. Outdoor banner stands that are great for outdoor events and promotions. They offer brands such as Expand, Banner Bug, Expolinc, Orbus, and Mark Bric, as well as exclusive models.

Standing Banners come in various types. Standing banners are effective and cost-saving means of publicity. With little hassle, you can set up your standing banner anywhere you want and store it after use.

Roll-up Banners are steady standing banners and are easily transported around. Setting up a roll-up banner is simple.

If you’re uncertain of how to set up a roll-up banner, fret not. Upon delivery, we’ll demonstrate to you how to properly set up a roll-up banner and how to keep the roll-up banner without damaging it, thereby extending the life of the roll-up banner.

Quick, easy, lightweight and so very stylish – Pull up banners are ideal for trade shows, events, promotional messages and much more.

Birthday Banner, Promotional Banner, Advertising banner, Decorative Banner, Parade Banner, Sports Banners, Rainbow Banners, Worship Banner or Christian Banner,

Custom Banners

A.G.A.S. Mfg. Group offers Custom Vinyl Banners!

We have graphic designers on hand to help you build the perfect custom banner for your occasion or event! Choose from a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Advertising banners are the perfect way to promote your business or gathering. Place your logo on your Grand Opening Banner or SALE Banners. Or impress your friends with a personalized Birthday Banner or Decorative Banner!

What Does Your Roll Up Banner Display Say?

Roll up banner displays have all sorts of uses and are very mobile. They stand tall and project their message from a distance, regardless of location whether being used at trade shows.
Roll up Banner

A Roll up banner display flashes images and graphics that people see from way off, and creates a real impact. Just as ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, your roll up banner delivers a message to your targeted audience through images, text and the bright colours printed on it. After all, this is your main objective when using such huge banner stands at exhibitions, trade shows or in front of your shop to grab the attention of the public. In order to make your roll up banner stand out from of competition and steal the attention, pay heed to the crucial points that help articulate your message the best. These aspects include the texture and material of the roll up banner, pictures, headline, and the visibility of products/services/messages/key slogan.

These roll up banner display stands have unlimited uses. They can guide visitors when erected in a hotel lobby or at an event. Moreover, as they stand tall they attract notice of visitors from a considerable distance. As a result, the artwork on such banners reaches out to a much greater audience and gets its message across much more effectively than other types of banners. Roll up banners can be made as high as eight feet tall, but whatever their height banner stands are foldable, mobile and handy enough to carry wherever you want to exhibit your ideas or products/services.

Because advertisers can easily remove their roll up banner displays from any spot as and when needed, and move them easily, it is possible to use a single banner in multiple promotional activities. Furthermore, various options are available for roll up banners when they are being printed, including different types of materials, and a selection of coatings. If you want your roll up banners to sport an out-and-out professional look, get banners laminated with a low-glare or matt coating. This kind of coating also prolongs the life span of your banner by adding a protective layer over printed colours and materials.

The best option for roll up banner display printing is to resort to an experienced printing service provider who knows the ratio in which images, whether foreground or background, should coexist with text. The perfect ratio strikes the right balance between the text (whether one line or two line), company logo, contact details, background theme, and foreground images. An effective advertising banner must consist of all these elements, requiring proper placement without interfering or overshadowing each other to get the right balance between them and grab people’s attention, getting the marketing message across – which is surely the ultimate aim of these roll up banner displays, isn’t it?

Think paper is the only material worth printing on? Think again! Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, portable or permanent – cloth banners are a great option for a variety of signage applications.

Here at Worldwide, we print fabric banners using quality banner stock and solvent based inks. This means you can use your cloth banner without worrying about fading.

With our modern large format printing techniques, we’re able to produce your customer banners in attention-grabbing vibrant colours. And since there’s no standard length of banner size with this product – your options are only limited by your imagination.
With our modern printing techniques, our ability to print onto a cloth banner gives you amazing vibrancy in Colours, high definition and high resolution.

The new range of fabric cloth used is very smooth and very durable. We can stitch the banner cloth signage for outdoor flag use and indoor drops. Printed with solvent based inks, these banners are designed for continual outdoor use for 2+ years.

We offer a wide range of coated textile cloth banners and poly woven fabric banners. These custom banners are light weight, flexible and eliminate reflection problems. The fabric textile surfaces are well suited for small to large upscale interior images. The poly materials can tackle outdoor applications with style.

* Printed on 5 oz. to 11 oz. cloth banner materials.
* Print up to 6 colors.
* Light to heavy weave available.
* Fade resistant solvent based UV inks. has been a leader in quality graphic reproduction on cloth since 1998. From high volume cloth banners for Point-of-Purchase to one-of-a-kind fabric structures for trade shows, we handle it all.

No other graphic medium conveys an impression of quality like cloth. High-resolution cloth banners make a statement and garner attention for your brand in a way that paper or plastic simply cannot.

Cloth banners are amazingly versatile. They’re lightweight, portable, foldable, durable, even washable.

We produce cloth banners, also known as fabric banners, on a wide range of polyesters as well as natural fabrics. For this utilizes three printing processes.

* Litho dye-sublimation for high volume, high resolution images
* Digital dye-sublimation for large format, short-run, high resolution images
* Screen printing for solid colors on natural fabrics

Create the right impression for your premium brand with high resolution images on fabric.

Why Use Fabric Banners, Backdrops & Tablecovers?

* Save shipping costs when compared to vinyl banners
* Banners have a soft hand / that is, they feel good
* They move, attracting the customers’ attention
* Washable in most applications
* Can be ironed with warm iron in most applications
* Sides don’t curl
* Can be folded and put in a suitcase and still look good
* Longer life than vinyl banner in terms of attractiveness
* Many more options from sheers to shiny to flag fabrics to oxford cloths and everything in between
* Many more finishing options
* Great colors on fabric
* Breakdown in landfills MUCH faster than PVC’s
* Inks used to print on them are environmentally friendly
compared with solvent inks
* Sheer beauty of fabric banners / they look classy and
elegant without spending big bucks

Fabric Banners

Canon Fabric Banner 50 feet wide by 20 feet long in front of expo hall

Canon Fabric Banner 50 feet wide by 20 feet long in front of expo hall

Fabric banners from Enhance a Colour make it easy to stand out. We print fabric banners directly from your computer files.”Customers are continually looking for a different look and feel for their promotional signage. Soft signage stands out in a flood of paper and vinyl signs and evokes a lifestyle and fashion image that speaks to the emotional appeal of their audience,” says Jeff Notto, 3M Commercial Graphics marketing operations manager.

Ordering Fabric Banners

When your fabric banners arrive, you will see your artwork pop off the fabric, and be struck by the high quality, full color result.

All of our fabric banners are made from polyester fabrics in sizes up to 10′ wide by 150′ long with no seems. If you need a larger fabric banner, multiple banners can be tiled and sewn together using our Miller Weldmaster to fit your unique needs.

Choosing your Fabric Banner

Fabric banners are created using a dye-sublimation process that transfers images to fabric with intense heat. Certain fabrics shimmer, others are semi-transparent. Some feel like canvas and others stretch like elastic. Here are our customers’ favorite choices for their Fabric Banners.

Fabric Banner Materials


Poly Poplin Fabric Banners – A favorite for trade show banners, table throws and fitted table clothes. It is an excellent material for four color process printing. Winkle-resistant and washable. Meets the NFPA-701 flame test.

Poly Soft Heavy Fabric Banners – A favorite for trade show backdrops. It is an excellent material for four color process printing. Winkle-resistant and washable. Meets the NFPA-701 flame test.

Poly Soft Light Fabric Banners- Two thirds of the weight of poly soft heavy, this material is used for banners, POP back drops and lined curtains. It is an excellent material for four color process printing. Winkle-resistant and washable. Meets the NFPA-701 flame test.

Poly Sheer Fabric Banners – 1.8 oz. Flame retardant lightweight sheer.

Poly Knit Fabric Banners- 5.6 oz. 100% polyester. Excellent print quality, similar to a nylon material in look and feel.

Poly Satin Fabric Banners- Elegant and used to obtain a silk-like look. Common in point of purchase applications. Meets the NFPA-701 flame test.

Poly Duc Fabric Banners – A textured, more rigid fabric perfect for outdoor applications. Seams together very well and has the ability to maintain high saturation levels. More opaque than most polyester fabrics. High durability due to its 9 oz. weight.

Compared to vinyl banners, fabric banners are much lighter and can be shipped for considerably less cost.

Compared to rigid signage, fabric banners can be easily folded down to smaller dimensions, which also means they are less costly to ship.
Caring for your Fabric Banners

Fabric Banners are resilient and long lasting. When Fabric Banners get dirty, they can be washed in a washing machine. When Fabric Banners wrinkle, they can be ironed just like a collared shirt.

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