Bag Printing Singapore

The Business Of Bag Printing Singapore

Bag Printing Singapore falls into several categories: packaging bags for packages; gift bags for many gift-giving occasions; shopping bags for use in malls, groceries, and markets; woven and fabric bags to go with fashion; handbags, usually for ladies’ use; promotional bags for advertisement purposes; and food bags for consumer edible products. All these categories of bags take several sizes (small, medium, large, extra large) and shapes.

What Customers Must Know About Bag Printing Singapore

Bags are also made of several materials. Quality paper tops the list as it is lightweight and environment friendly. Plastics come next and are also in different types: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is water and fire resistant; poly ethylene terephthalate (PET), a recyclable plastic with good gas and moisture barring properties; and, polypropylene (PP), common for non-woven fabrics and sanitary products. The biodegradable kind and the recyclable types seem to be the best types of plastic. Canvas, cotton and polyester are used in woven, fabric, handbags and promotional bags. Other materials include aluminum foils, a lightweight metal, and velvet, an expensive type of fabric.

Bag Printing Singapore has several industrial uses: for tea time is the number one use, since Singaporeans are mainly a tea-drinking people; for gift-giving, next, indicating Singaporeans love giving gifts to friends and loved ones; shopping, promotions, travel and groceries are the next industrial use of bag printing Singapore; then, for food and garbage; and, finally, for agriculture and apparel.

Bag Printing Singapore Product Varieties

Wahmee Silkscreen has a variety of bag printing products: Black Laptop Carry Bags, Black Laptop Backpack, Backpacks with detachable waist pouch, Seminar Bags, Toiletries Bag, Haversack Bags, Foldable Bags, Sling Pouches, Shoe Pouches, Travel Bags, Document Bags, and other multi-purpose bags of different sizes and shapes. Our catalogue contains just the right kind of bag for your unique individual taste.

Whatever printing design you desire or wish for your bags, we have just the right personalized and customized service.

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