ThumbProd558-AXLUmbrella Printing: A Cost-Effective Way Of Promoting Your Bread And Butter

An umbrella is a personal item that everybody uses. Whatever climate it is, whether one is playing golf, enjoying a walk at the park or at the beach, an umbrella is a handy item to protect oneself from the elements. It’s even fashionable to hold one and sometimes, an umbrella is used to complete a whole look.

You’ve probably seen businesses hand out free umbrellas during anniversaries, store openings, or press or product launches. Or you may have seen people using umbrellas given as corporate giveaways. While they may seem tacky at times, these umbrellas are well appreciated by the recipients. Besides, who doesn’t love free stuff, right?

Advertising Your Business With Umbrella Printing

Let’s face it: advertising on various media outlets is expensive. A contract with an advertising agency doesn’t cost you a few meals—it will cost you a month’s worth of income. But if you do-it-yourself with umbrella prints, you can save a lot while being on top of your customers’ mind. People will be reminded of your brand whenever they open or take out that umbrella under sunny or cloudy skies. Just come up with a catchy slogan or eye-catching design for the print, have it printed, and the umbrella is good to go. Isn’t that simple?

Where To Find Reliable Umbrella Printing Experts

Most corporate gifts suppliers offer Umbrella Printing as well, considering that umbrellas are quite in-demand among companies that are looking for a giveaway for their special events. Most printing companies offer printing on umbrellas and if they don’t, it can always be arranged with them for a special price. Ordering in bulk prints can be advantageous, since the prices of products usually go down when you order in bulk.

A number of printing companies that are headquartered in China have Singapore offices too. If you wish to get a “China-made” discount, you can always contact the representative office of the printing company here in Singapore and have them place a bulk order for you.

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